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November 3, 2011Thursday1:00pm3 Ornaments
November 9, 2011Wednesday4:00pm6 & 20 Sided Ornaments
November 17, 2011Thursday6:30pmStraw Stars
November 22, 2011Tuesday4:00pmGift Jars
December 1, 2011Thursday6:30pmGourd Ornament
December 7, 2011Wednesday6:00pmNo Sew

MARCH 16 IS FAST APPROACHING  Don't forget to bring your pennies (or loose change) next time you stop in at the library.  Help fill the penny jug and show your support of the library.

Feb 16 - March 16   PENNY WAR between the Markesan Public Library & the Kingston Mill Pond Library.  The winning library will display "The Grand Penny" for a month while the losing library will have to display a mystery gag prize.  Donations will be used to purchase supplies for the library.

Call 398-3434 or stop in at the library and see samples

Monday, Nov. 19 ~ 10:30 a.m. to noon
Felt Ornaments ($1.00) - Learn to make cute ornaments for your tree.